古都をスイーっと! らくらく奈良めぐり

Public transportation is recommended for both going to Nara and sightseeing in the city.
Furthermore, your trip around the city will be more convenient,
money-saving, and effortless by using the Gurutto Bus or Free Sightseeing Parking Lot.




A convenient way to go sightseeing around Nara City on 3 different routes at a great value!

Omiya Street Route Nara Park Route Wakakusayama Mountain Route Omiya Street Route Nara Park Route Wakakusayama Mountain Route

Why its Convenient

Gurutto Bus takes you around three routes; Omiya Street Route, Nara Park Route, and Wakakusayama Mountain Route.

Effortlessly visit the sites you wish by taking the bus connecting sightseeing spots such as Nara Park to Heijō Palace Remains.

Routes and Timetable Bus Stops

Why its Money-saving

Each ride on the bus costs only 100 yen. You can also save even more money by using the "Mokkan-type One-day Pass," which gives you unlimited rides on the bus for one day. The ticket is full of discount offers that you can use at shrines, temples, and restaurants.

Mokkan-type One-day Pass

Take a convenient trip with great value around Nara by parking your car at the free parking space and taking Gurutto Bus!

Why its Effortless

According to our survey, more than 90% of Gurutto Bus users have answered that they would like to use the bus again.

"100 yen is inexpensive for a bus fare, and it's nice that you can use an IC card."

"Great choice to go sightseeing for spots around Nara Park effortlessly."

"Nice way to save money. I definitely want to use the bus again."

When driving a car, the roads can be quite congested.

Driving a car can result in

(Depending on the season and time, roads in Nara City can be very congested)

Stressful driving  Not reaching your destination on time  Having a hard time finding a place to park  Costly parking rates

and many other disadvantages

Free Sightseeing Parking Lot

Park your car for free at the Free Sightseeing Parking Lot
and use the Gurutto Bus to travel around Nara stress-free.